Whats New In The Fashion World

This week on the Bellah Blog we will be discussing some new things happening in the fashion industry.

What do I mean by this?

Well simple….2020 Spring Trends, London Fashion Week, London Fashion Week 2020, New York Fashion Week, Disability and Fashion, Fashion inspired by current events, and so much more.

Stay tuned in order to keep updated on all things fashionable!!

Sumter Fashion Week


Sumter Fashion Week had its Second Annual Fashion Week the last week of August in Sumter, SC.

It was a fun filled week full of fashion events with fabulous dressed people, and even more fabulous designers. Leading up to the Grand Finale Show on August 31st were a few events that involved everyone from fashion icons to the models themselves (including the children). Granted, it was no New York Fashion week, but it had its own charm and specialness that had everyone there glad that they decided to be a part of the fashion events that were held.

Starting off Sumter Fashion week was the Top 10 Fashion Icons of Sumter which was an award night for the major icons that were voted on by the people of Sumter, SC. The next event that kicked off SFW was an event for children models so that they too could enjoy the fashion week that they were a part of. They had their very own spa day at Audri J’s, which is a boutique in Sumter, SC. The Friday before show day was the Model Meet and Greet that was held at the Red Dot Hookah Lounge. If you weren’t in attendance then you missed out. Those who showed up were dressed fabulously.

Saturday was the big day of the show. I was there the entire day helping backstage, hosting, and doing a lot more. (Perks of being part of the team that runs SFW!) The day for models and volunteers began at 10am for hair and makeup, and many other miscellaneous things that had to be done in order to have things smoothly. Your truly did a lot of makeup that day. I even learned that I knew how to but eyeliner on other people.

The show itself was a blast. As host, I had the privilege of interacting with the audience and telling awful dad jokes. The fashion themselves were breath taking due to designers like BJ Johnson, Audri J’s Children Boutique, PTW&CO, Sydni Anderson, DWS Designs, TJ Max (who also sponsored my two outfits), E&E, and many more.

Over all, it was a fun experience and I am looking forward to the next Sumter Fashion Week!!

Back to Business as Usual

Hello my Bellah Bloggers!

I know that I have been a little mia for the past couple of weeks but that ends! That’s right it’s back to bellah business as usual!

What does that mean?

Well, it simply means that your 411 on all things fashion is back on the case (or computer) to give you all the fashion scoops.

Thks week will be focused on three of the major fashion weeks that have passed us by! And of course NYFW was this past weekend so that’s a fashion must talk about!

Stay tuned to learn more this week!

Back To School Fashion Hot Spots

So its mid-week of the first week of the  new school year! What does that mean for all of us students? Well…basically that the load of homework has expanded and that everyone is thinking of taking naps (LOL).

Though the school year has just begun, many of us have not yet had the chance to do all the back-to-school wardrobe shopping (me being one of those people). If you are one of those getting a late start to your back to school shopping, don’t panic! There are many places that are still having back to school sales and killer deals.

Rue 21

American Eagal

Forever 21


Bath and Body Works

Victoria Secrets



Children’s Place


and Many other places


So before all the good sales are gone, go ahead and get in on this action!

Fashion Trends for Kids for this School Year

Children probably have the easiest time when it comes to fashion. Now I’m not talking about middle schoolers and high schoolers…they are complicated human children that choose their own fashion. I’m talking about the tiny kids who we adults do all the shopping and dressing for.

Kids are easy to dress…as long as its comfortable, cute, and within school regulations…..it pretty much goes!

But here are some trends that are popular among young children’s fashion!

  1. Foxes- Foxes are a popular animal among the children fashion industry. You can find them on anything from clothing to accessories.
  2. Tutu’s- This is no surprise….young female children love tutu’s! Any color and any style fits with the child’s image of being a pretty princess or ballerina.
  3. Hair Accessories- Specifically the ones that are sparkly, or have some type of attached puff ball or flower. Definitely an accessory that ties an look together and adds a little playfulness.
  4. Animal print/ animal figures- Kids love having their favorite animal or dinosaur on their clothing! It allows them to show some personality thorough their clothing.
  5. Bright Colored Clothing Articles- This is a given. Kids are drawn to bright colors and fancy patterns!


That Time of Year…

Hello bloggers! Guess what time of year it is! Back to school time!

Now I know this isn’t a fun time for all the students out there…(myself included) but its th best time of year for fashion.

Not only does the major fashion shows pop up, but back to school trends, deals, and much more come in store at this time of year!

So this week is dedicated to everything you need to know to be a fashionista on a budget for the new school season!

Top Trending Tv Shows that Made Fashion History

Today’s post is going to be light and fun. I’m going to tell you what tv shows made fashion history, and still have fashions out walking the streets in modern day society!

1.) Sex in the City

  • This should not be a surprise! We can all agree that the fashion in this tv show and movie were stellar and definitely history worthy.

2.) That Girl

3.) That 70’s Show

  • No one can deny that the bold colors, patterns, and fabrics from the 70’s are still making it big in today’s fashion industry.

4.) The Mary Tyler Moore Show

5.) Scandel

6.) Charlie’s Angels

7.) The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

8.) Mad Men

9.) Gossip Girl

  • Gossip Girl was probably one of my personal favorites when it comes to fashionable tv shows. The cloths, the drama, and NY City! Who wouldn’t find that full on inspiration and stunning where fashion is concerned? I mean, on of the upper-east-siders had a fashion designer as a mother!

10.) Dynasty

11.) Twin Peaks

12.) Pretty Little Liars

Ethical Fashions

Hey Bellah Bloggers!

I have some more fashion news for you today!

Everyone knows that fashion is expesnive, un-recyable, unsustainable, and actually bad for the enviornment. (Trust me when I say that being fabulous has many consequences on our environment).

But there has been a turn in the fashion tides. Due to consumers outrage for the harmful and unsustainable fashion, the fashion industry is trying to undergo consruction to become more eco-friendly.

As stated in a previous blog post, many large brands and designer companies have began to switch their fabrics and their manufactoring process. This is great for the consumers, the labels, and the environment. Talk about a WIN a WIN!

Traditional Fashion manfufactotring and fabrics are seen as cruel and harmful by the public eye. But it is the way that the Fashion World has been doing things since it began. Ethics have always been questioned where fashion is related.

Ancient Times, silk worms and nature were used in the making of silk, fabrics, dyes, and many other resources that we have improved on as technology has advanced. Granted, not too long ago animal testing, real fur and animal hides, along with many other unethical and cruel measures were used in high couture fashion houses (including child labor). People did not see this as unethical until a loud enough voices was heard, and consumers changed their buying and impersonating fashion habits.

Because consumers made a huge deal about the horrible treatment of animals and child labor in order to have cosmetics and fashionable cloths, the fashion world changed to using fo-fur and other non-harmful alternatives to animals.

Once again, the fashion world is catering to the whims of its consumers and using ethical measure and steps in order to stay on top of the Fashion World, and who could be mad with that?

With the Fashion World and the Normal Societal World seeing eye to eye on using ethical measure for fashion and many other consumer products, the world might just turn out to be a better place….at least for us Fashionistas!



Expectations for 2020 New York Fashion Week!


New York Fashion week is just as notorious in the fashion world as Paris Fashion week. It is probably the biggest fashion event in the U.S. besides The Met Gala.

Now I have never personally been to New York Fashion Week myself, but does anyone really have to be at New York Fashion week to know that its an experience to beat all other experiences in the fashion world. Even walking for a lesser known designer or department store can book you a job with a more well known designer, label, or modeling agency.

Many bellah models have had the opportunity to walk in New York Fashion Week, and this year will be no different. Of course our models will be walking with Charlotte Seen.

With New York Fashion week being a huge event for the fashion world, expectations of course will be high.

So here are some things to expect from 2020 New York Fashion Week:

  •  A Shorter Official Schedule
    • that is right, the schedule for New York Fashion Week will be officially shorter starting in 2020, instead of 10 days of fashion, there will now be 6 days filled will fashion shows and events. The chairman for New York Fashion Week, Tom Ford, decided this as step one of reinventing NYFW when he inherited the chair this past June.
    • The schedule will now begin on Friday, Sept. 6 ( with the first show by Telfar) – and will end on Wednesday, Sept. 11. (ending with Marc Jacobs)
  •  The Show will have returning faces from previous NYFW’s
    • Jeremy Scott
    • Khaite
    • Ulla Johnson
    • Christopher John Rogers
    • Christian Siriano
    • Brandon Maxwell
    • Tory Burch
    • Tibi
    • Jason Wu
    • Jonathan Simkhai
    • Anna Sui
    • Carolina Herrera
    • Christian Cowan
    •  Proenza
    • Michael Kors
    • And many others
  • This will be the first NYFW with Tom Ford as CFDA Chairman
  • Tommy Hilfiger and Zendaya move their show from Paris to New York
    •  This show will take place at the Apollo Theater in Harlem on September 8th at 8:30pm.  The themes of this show are to be theme of inclusion, diversity, and empowerment which continues the themes in many of his shows.
  • NYFW Designers schedule change-up
    • Tom Ford who regularly opened the show, will now be moving to Monday, Sept. 9th at 8pm.
    • Telflar is opening the fashion week with a performance at 6pm.
    • Ralph Lauren is moving his show to a nighttime slot on Saturday, Sept. 7th at 9pm.
    • Tom Koizumi (Tokyo-based designer) shall be returning to the NYFW runway.
    • Pyer Moss’ Kerby Jean-Raymond will also be returning to the NYFW runway after skipping last season,. His show is slated for Saturday, September 7th at 8pm.
  • Georgina Chapman is presenting her first solo Marchesa collection
    • This is her first solo collection since the brand’s co-founder, Karen Craig, departed in Junes. Chapman is hosting private appointments for the Spring 2020 collection on Wednesday, September 11th instead of a runway show or presentation.

For more information or more in depth information, you can go to: https://wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/new-york-fashion-week-spring-2020-everything-to-know-1203229530/


News in the Bellah Universe

Hey Bellah Blog Readers!

Sorry for being so MIA the past couple of weeks. There has been a lot of fun and new things going of for Bellah.

We had a few models participate in the Summer Breeze Hair and Makup fashion show. The models slayed as bellah models do, and walked for a fabulous Afican Apparel Designer and worked with the amazing Golden Slay team. Between the hair, makeup, outfits, and choreography; there was no way that the Bellahs would have been ignored.

Th bellahs also participated in their own fashion show on the 22nd if July. The summer extravaganza was fun and summery. Yours truly even hosted it. The were many new many new faces (both model and designer) that graced the runway.

Not only have these things been going on but bellah has started their 2019/2020 east coast takeover!

Many more things will be coming your way!