FASHION NEWS: Hottest Fashion Items to Give as Gift for the 2020 Holiday Season!

What is up Bellah Blog Readers!

Yes it has been a rough 2020 and we all are hoping for 2021 to make life more bearable. This year has been filled with a catastrophic pandemic, a crazy presidential election, and domestic and international crisis. Overall, its been one heck of a year!

Before we ring in the new year, we must first celebrate one of my favorite holidays! That’s right, its Christmas time, the time where families gather together to celebrate each other and all things happy! While you might have already decorated the house, put up the tree, and decided on the guest list and dinner menue…….you might not have finished up your Christmas shopping. Deciding on the perfect gift for you loved ones can be difficult, but we here at the Bellah Blog aim to help you choose the most fashionable gifts of the season.

Here are the must have gifts of the 2020 Holiday season!

Pearl Hair Accessories, Pleated Skirts, Mary Jane Pumps, Under the Knee Boots, the latest Perfume and Cologne, Luxury spa and self-care gift sets, the latest iPhone and technology.

These are just a few of the hottest Christmas gifts to give to your family, but the best gift you can give is your time and appreciation!


Though 2020 is wrapping up, us at Bellah Modeling Agency are already looking towards the new year and what we plan to do with it.

To finish up the year 2020, Bellah is hosting a Gala on Saturday, December 19th that is invitation only! Model, parents, clients, designers, and other VIP guest have already received their invitations and have RSVP’d. This event will be one to end the year on a high note. It’s a formal black tie red carpet event that we at the blog will cover in full detail. Expect a scope on who wore what, and any drama that takes place! We also heard that there will be amazing performances, food, and secret awards given out. Look forward to hearing all about it in next weeks post!

With the Gala ending 2020, what will be opening 2021 and what surprises can you expect from Bellah Modeling Agency with the incoming new year?

Well the first show of the 2021 season will be Bellah Modeling Agency’s “Show Me Your Beauty” annual fashion show. This show promotes special needs models and clothing brands. It shows that anyone has what it takes to be a model, and that High Fashion can be for everyone.

After this is the annual Bellah Modeling Agency casting call that happens every February. Here, people from all over come to audition to be apart of the number one modeling agency in Columbia, SC. Potential model candidates walk in front of panel of judges and answer a set of questions for them.

Along with the normal fashion shows and yearly events and fashion weeks that Bellah puts on every year, there are two new projects that have been added to the upcoming year’s calendar. March 23-27 will be the first ever Columbia International Fashion Week. This will be a fashion week filled with model, designers, and people from all over the world. A week full of high fashion that will one day be the talk of the world. The other new project for 2021 is the Sumter Beauty Pageant that will take place on September 18th. This will also be an annual thing that people from SC can be a part of.

With all these, and more, amazing things going on…..Bellah Modeling Agency will not only become a household name but a world recognized power in the modeling and entertainment industry. Are you ready for us to take over 2021?

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