Fashion News: 2020 Trends? On Social Media and In Daily Life!

Hello Bellah Blog Readers!

I hope that everyone has been staying safe and trying to not go stir crazy while still being stuck in the house. Those of you who are able to start living life with the new norms….please do what you must to not only protect yourself, but others as well.


While we have all been living this crazy COVID-19 Quarantine life for over half a year now. During this time, the social media app TikTok has become the nation’s, and the world’s, favorite past time. Why? Well to be honest, the videos on the app are fun to watch, create, and share.

Many businesses and those who rep brands are able to spread the word of those companies, same as social influencers who want to reach out and connect with more brands. It is a perfect platform to show off clothing, and in China, the people have taken it even further.

The fashion ranges from classic streetwear to traditional “hanfu” clothing reinterpreted in fresh, modern ways, and worn with a signature confidence and attitude that comes across especially strong when the slow motion effect is on.”

-Hannah Hyclack, “These Hypnotizing Chinese Street Style Videos are Taking Over Tik Tok”

If you are an avid TikTok scroller, you have probably realized that a lot of the feed on your for you page have been nicely, fashionably dressed Asians on the street. I am here to tell you that these TikTok’s might not just be your average good looking and well dressed people who enjoy making videos for the rest of the world to like and recreate.

There has been some speculation that these videos are a response to the indoor fashion events that been cancelled world wide. Many people are now becoming invested and interested in learning more about Chinese Street Fashion. Most of the world was not aware of how into fashion the Chinese were. These videos have brought attention to a culture and its fashion that would’ve probably been ignored or unknow to the world in today’s society. Social media is a spectacular way to connect with the world outside your own.


Chinese street fashion isn’t the only trend that TikTok has brought to the US. The app has also brought back the trend of wearing bandana’s.

Bandana’s was trend for the early 90’s. Stars and famous personnel in the 90’s used bandana’s in many unique and fun hairstyles. The star Hilary Duff had many bandana looks in the hit Disney show “Lizzy McGuire”. TikTok has definitely reminded people and the younger generation how cool and fun a bandana can look.

Some of the most popular bandana looks are the following: the film star, the royal, the Jackie O, the Serena Van Der Woodsen, the French Girl, the Cowboy, and many more. Another show that highlighted bandana styles is none other than Gossip Girl. The shows iconic character “Serena Van Der Woodsen”, played by Blake Lively, use bandanas in many of the episodes.

Bandana’s are becoming more popular everyday, and this is definitely a trend that we at Bellah are okay with!

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