Fashion News: Fashion and Politics?

Hello Bellah Blog Readers!

The year 2020 has taken us all for a ride! From fires, to a pandemic, to murder hornets, and now to riots! I think we can all agree that this was not how we expected 2020 to turn out….

But that is alright! You know what they say…..When life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade!

Though this has been a tough time for us, there are many other people who are having it worse. I know everyone has been glued to the news watching and monitoring the status of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

I am not here to give you my opinions on this matter because that is not what we are about. We are about fashion…and many celebrities’ and heads of fashion industries have decided to support the Black Lives Matter Movement in their own way. Many are taking the initiative to donate large sums of money to this movement, others are using their social media platforms in order to inform and empower people and their fans. It is important that as a public we stay informed about the issues going on before we decided to say something.

Here are what some stylists, brands, and celebrities are doing to help:

– celebrity stylist Law Roach started a fund with his own money to rebuild Black businesses that were destroyed during the protests

– Catbird boutique donated thousands of dollars to many organizations

– Celebrities and Brands are using social media to raise donations, and them matching them

Though the time that we are living in is hectic, chaotic, and mainly doesn’t make any sense. The fact that communities everywhere are banding together to help the movement and communities in need during this time restores the faith in humanity!

For more information….check out the article by Us Magazine called “How Fashion Brands, Designers, and Industry Leaders are supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement.”

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