FASHION NEWS: February 2021

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Happy Year of the Ox! Lunar New Years happened this past weekend, and now we are on a new lunar cycle!

It has been a month since 2021 has come into play, and the fashion and events at the beginning of this year has not disappointed all of us citizens of the fashion industry. There are many things that I need to catch you up on before the month of February is over and the month of March begins.

Before we deep dive into the fabulous month of February and the fashion that it aspired and gave to the public….lets talk about ground hog day. I, like most inhabitants of the world, was looking forward to warmer weather and spring time fashion. Unfortunately, the groundhog saw his shadow and cursed us cold-blooded people to suffer 6 more weeks of cold, shivering winter. *cue the eye roll and tears*

Something big that has happened in the world corresponds to one of the top fashion events that we all look forward too every year, New York Fashion Week. The CFDA Chairman, Tom Ford, announced earlier at the beginning of the year that he would no longer be putting out a NYFW Schedule. Instead they have an “American Collections Calendar”, but this is not the only change that our beloved NYFW is and has gone through this year.

NYFW has once again gone completely virtual on account of the still prevalent and spreading Coronavirus. With all the travel bands and rising cases worldwide, and all the health and safety concerns with hosting an event such as this, it just made more sense to keep the event viral with non-famous labels. Those high-fashion brands that normally held reoccurring spots in the annual NYFW shows futures are vague or they are just under wraps.

The CFDA has promised to not only release the schedule for those American Designers and Labels in NYFW, but also where those not in NYFW plan to host shows or appear worldwide. The American Collections Calendar features a handful of shows that will be virtual, starting this Sunday, and designers who will be present in mid-April. Some of the fashion weeks changes that were put into place due to the pandemic have been confirmed to make a permanent appearance in NYFW’s to come.

One of the labels that popped off in 2019 was the Fenty label that was owned by renowned R&B artists and performer Rihanna. After being in production for a little under 2 years, she has decided to close down her fashion label. The lingerie and makeup brand will continue to produce and sell as normal. Her ready-to-wear line has also been put on hold til further notice.

Though we all love Rihanna and Fenty, the truth of the matter is is that the prices for her amazing products were just too steep for the normal, everyday consumer. She promises to try to make the brand more economic, and to focus once again on her music. Though this is sad for all of the Fenty Fashion House lovers out there, just know that we love and support Rihanna’s choice.

Valentine’s Day has come and passed, but this year was probably the most fashionable yet. With everyone being stuck at home, online sites like SHEIN, Romwe, and more had high sales on cute Valentine’s Day lingerie and outfits. People also got creative with their gifts this year as well. From hand made gifts, to cute date ideas, Valentines day definitely got a makeover. Some of the most interesting gifts this year came from the celebrities, for example Michael B. Jordan gifted his girlfriend stocks for the holiday of love.

I do not know how that translates to a romantic gift and to a romantic evening, but hey……if it works than it works. All I know is that I would not know how to react if someone gave me stocks as a gift, no matter what Holiday it was.

Since we got whats happening in the Fashion Industry out of the way, and covered the most Romantic Holiday February has to offer, lets get down to Bellah business. There are many cool things that are about to be happening for Bellah modeling agency.

The first and most important thing that Bellah Modeling Agency staff would like you all to know about is our new location in Charlotte, NC. We now have a facility where we can host classes and other fashion events in this amazing city! If you are a model or an aspiring model in or around the are a of Charlotte, NC please go ahead and register to be a part of our Charlotte branch at

Columbia International Fashion Week, which will be happening in March, has its first model casting call this Saturday, February 20th. Columbia International Fashion Week is a new Fashion Week that will be gracing the world and hopefully blowing other ones out of the water. We have high hopes for this fashion week and can’t wait to see how it turns out for its first year of being established. If you would like to join in on the fun as a model, designer, hair artist, makeup artist, or a volunteer please go to

The other major event that Bellah Modeling Agency has coming up is the Annual Bellah Modeling Agency casting call. This is where BMA gets many of its new talents for the agency, and how you can become part of the agency yourself. This casting call will be happening March 6th! If you would like to be a part of this casting call then go to and register today!

Bellah Affaire Magazine also had some pretty good issues come out. The last issue, which was the January-February, was on the beautiful and talented Naida Rutherford. We also included the Top 10 Influential Woman around the Columbia area, as well as some interesting SPring fashion and fashion related articles. If you, your business, or anyone you know deserves a chance to be in our magazine….please go to and let us know why you should be in our next issue or our featured person/ business.

Last but not least, I would like to talk about the fantastic YouTube channel that Bellah Modeling Agency runs called Bellah Live! Bellah Live is a talk show that interviews business people, community leaders, and fashion icons to share with the world where they got their start in life and tips for the average, everyday people to aspire to be like them. This months special guest are Lisa Hopkins (debuted on Feb. 4), Rashika Cambell (Feb. 28), and Whitney Brown (Feb. 21). If you have a story to share with us, go to and send us a message so that we can interview you as well. Also, don’t forget to follow and subscribe to our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages!

Fashion News: Whats Happening 2021?

Hello Bellah Blog Readers! We are heading off the new year on the right note. COVID-19 is still a thing but there is now a vaccine out, so hopefully the would will be back to attempting to be normal soon. Even though there is a vaccine out, I know many of you will be staying away from it just because of the uncertainties that any new vaccine brings with it when it hasn’t been tested by the public yet. Just be safe, wash your hands, social distance, and wear your masks when out in public.

Martin Margiela Combeback?

I know you are probably wondering why I am talking about a person named Martin Margiela, especially if you are not from the fashion industry or involved in it. Martin Margiela is actually a fashion legend who retired about 12 years ago. He was a well-known fashion designers who retired in 2009, and now he is making a comeback…..but not as a designer. Mr. Margiela is making his comeback as an artist. There will be an exhibition called Martin Margiela opening on April 15th at the Lafayette Anticipations gallery in Paris, France. This will be a collection of paints, sculptures, and other work done by Mr. Margiela that have been previously unseen by the public. It portrays the same qualities of breaking the rules that his fashion collection had, which only reinforces the fact that Martin Margiela has always been, and will always be an artist. Let’s welcome back this legend and be supportive of his art as we all were of his fashion.

Alber Elbaz Returns??

Alber Elbaz

Apparently this is the year for fashion legends to return to the industry or to industries that are closely related. Another fashion expert who is making a comeback in the year 2021 is no other than Alber Elbaz. Alber Elbaz in known for turning the fashion house of Lanvin into one of the most sought after-luxury brands. In October of 2015, Elbaz was pushed out of the Lanvin fashion house. Hes worked on some other small projects within the industry, but nothing as major as his new project that is re-entering him in the fashion industry…but with a dramatic twist.

Alber Elbaz is working on a film that he is keeping underwraps, but the one thing that we know is that it is fashion related. It is a joint venture with Compagnie Financière Richmont, dubbed AZ Factory, which is on the couture schedule for January 26th at 8pm.

Elbaz described AZ as “an innovative and dynamic start-up, meant to turn dreams into reality.” The luxury giant, parent of brands including Cartier, Chloé, IWC, Van Cleef & Arpels and Dunhill, said the venture would be project-based rather than the standard seasonal approach of most designer collections.

FASHION NEWS: Hottest Fashion Items to Give as Gift for the 2020 Holiday Season!

What is up Bellah Blog Readers!

Yes it has been a rough 2020 and we all are hoping for 2021 to make life more bearable. This year has been filled with a catastrophic pandemic, a crazy presidential election, and domestic and international crisis. Overall, its been one heck of a year!

Before we ring in the new year, we must first celebrate one of my favorite holidays! That’s right, its Christmas time, the time where families gather together to celebrate each other and all things happy! While you might have already decorated the house, put up the tree, and decided on the guest list and dinner menue…….you might not have finished up your Christmas shopping. Deciding on the perfect gift for you loved ones can be difficult, but we here at the Bellah Blog aim to help you choose the most fashionable gifts of the season.

Here are the must have gifts of the 2020 Holiday season!

Pearl Hair Accessories, Pleated Skirts, Mary Jane Pumps, Under the Knee Boots, the latest Perfume and Cologne, Luxury spa and self-care gift sets, the latest iPhone and technology.

These are just a few of the hottest Christmas gifts to give to your family, but the best gift you can give is your time and appreciation!


Though 2020 is wrapping up, us at Bellah Modeling Agency are already looking towards the new year and what we plan to do with it.

To finish up the year 2020, Bellah is hosting a Gala on Saturday, December 19th that is invitation only! Model, parents, clients, designers, and other VIP guest have already received their invitations and have RSVP’d. This event will be one to end the year on a high note. It’s a formal black tie red carpet event that we at the blog will cover in full detail. Expect a scope on who wore what, and any drama that takes place! We also heard that there will be amazing performances, food, and secret awards given out. Look forward to hearing all about it in next weeks post!

With the Gala ending 2020, what will be opening 2021 and what surprises can you expect from Bellah Modeling Agency with the incoming new year?

Well the first show of the 2021 season will be Bellah Modeling Agency’s “Show Me Your Beauty” annual fashion show. This show promotes special needs models and clothing brands. It shows that anyone has what it takes to be a model, and that High Fashion can be for everyone.

After this is the annual Bellah Modeling Agency casting call that happens every February. Here, people from all over come to audition to be apart of the number one modeling agency in Columbia, SC. Potential model candidates walk in front of panel of judges and answer a set of questions for them.

Along with the normal fashion shows and yearly events and fashion weeks that Bellah puts on every year, there are two new projects that have been added to the upcoming year’s calendar. March 23-27 will be the first ever Columbia International Fashion Week. This will be a fashion week filled with model, designers, and people from all over the world. A week full of high fashion that will one day be the talk of the world. The other new project for 2021 is the Sumter Beauty Pageant that will take place on September 18th. This will also be an annual thing that people from SC can be a part of.

With all these, and more, amazing things going on…..Bellah Modeling Agency will not only become a household name but a world recognized power in the modeling and entertainment industry. Are you ready for us to take over 2021?

Fashion News: 2020 Trends? On Social Media and In Daily Life!

Hello Bellah Blog Readers!

I hope that everyone has been staying safe and trying to not go stir crazy while still being stuck in the house. Those of you who are able to start living life with the new norms….please do what you must to not only protect yourself, but others as well.


While we have all been living this crazy COVID-19 Quarantine life for over half a year now. During this time, the social media app TikTok has become the nation’s, and the world’s, favorite past time. Why? Well to be honest, the videos on the app are fun to watch, create, and share.

Many businesses and those who rep brands are able to spread the word of those companies, same as social influencers who want to reach out and connect with more brands. It is a perfect platform to show off clothing, and in China, the people have taken it even further.

The fashion ranges from classic streetwear to traditional “hanfu” clothing reinterpreted in fresh, modern ways, and worn with a signature confidence and attitude that comes across especially strong when the slow motion effect is on.”

-Hannah Hyclack, “These Hypnotizing Chinese Street Style Videos are Taking Over Tik Tok”

If you are an avid TikTok scroller, you have probably realized that a lot of the feed on your for you page have been nicely, fashionably dressed Asians on the street. I am here to tell you that these TikTok’s might not just be your average good looking and well dressed people who enjoy making videos for the rest of the world to like and recreate.

There has been some speculation that these videos are a response to the indoor fashion events that been cancelled world wide. Many people are now becoming invested and interested in learning more about Chinese Street Fashion. Most of the world was not aware of how into fashion the Chinese were. These videos have brought attention to a culture and its fashion that would’ve probably been ignored or unknow to the world in today’s society. Social media is a spectacular way to connect with the world outside your own.


Chinese street fashion isn’t the only trend that TikTok has brought to the US. The app has also brought back the trend of wearing bandana’s.

Bandana’s was trend for the early 90’s. Stars and famous personnel in the 90’s used bandana’s in many unique and fun hairstyles. The star Hilary Duff had many bandana looks in the hit Disney show “Lizzy McGuire”. TikTok has definitely reminded people and the younger generation how cool and fun a bandana can look.

Some of the most popular bandana looks are the following: the film star, the royal, the Jackie O, the Serena Van Der Woodsen, the French Girl, the Cowboy, and many more. Another show that highlighted bandana styles is none other than Gossip Girl. The shows iconic character “Serena Van Der Woodsen”, played by Blake Lively, use bandanas in many of the episodes.

Bandana’s are becoming more popular everyday, and this is definitely a trend that we at Bellah are okay with!

Fashion News: Fashion and Politics?

Hello Bellah Blog Readers!

The year 2020 has taken us all for a ride! From fires, to a pandemic, to murder hornets, and now to riots! I think we can all agree that this was not how we expected 2020 to turn out….

But that is alright! You know what they say…..When life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade!

Though this has been a tough time for us, there are many other people who are having it worse. I know everyone has been glued to the news watching and monitoring the status of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

I am not here to give you my opinions on this matter because that is not what we are about. We are about fashion…and many celebrities’ and heads of fashion industries have decided to support the Black Lives Matter Movement in their own way. Many are taking the initiative to donate large sums of money to this movement, others are using their social media platforms in order to inform and empower people and their fans. It is important that as a public we stay informed about the issues going on before we decided to say something.

Here are what some stylists, brands, and celebrities are doing to help:

– celebrity stylist Law Roach started a fund with his own money to rebuild Black businesses that were destroyed during the protests

– Catbird boutique donated thousands of dollars to many organizations

– Celebrities and Brands are using social media to raise donations, and them matching them

Though the time that we are living in is hectic, chaotic, and mainly doesn’t make any sense. The fact that communities everywhere are banding together to help the movement and communities in need during this time restores the faith in humanity!

For more information….check out the article by Us Magazine called “How Fashion Brands, Designers, and Industry Leaders are supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement.”

Fashion News: 2020 Virtual Met Gala?

Hello Bellah Blog Readers!

With the COVID-19 Pandemic running about, many fashion events were either cancelled or rescheduled for the 2020 Fashion Season.

The one highly anticipated fashion event of the year has been and always will be the Met Gala. This years met gala was not cancelled…..just postponed due to the virus pandemic the world is fighting! Though it was postponed, many celebrities and stylist kept its spirit alive on May 4th, 2020. The Metropolitan Museum of Art offered a virtual preview of this year’s Costume Institute exhibit, About Time: Fashion and Duration, which is now expected to open this fall on October 29, but some just couldn’t wait that long to get fabulous.

What do we mean by this? Well, celebrities and stylist got together and did a virtual look book with all who decided to dress up as one normally would to attend the Met Gala. People took to their social media, and those who normally would not be able to attend this event due to its exclusive guest list were able to join in on the “High Fashion Twitter Met Gala”.

…..“”High Fashion Twitter Met Gala” showed off images, collages, illustrations, and mood boards of what people would wear to fashion’s favorite night. It all gave many the opportunity to actively participate in an event that’s known for its exclusive guest list.” – Time’s Magazine

Now… I bet you all are wondering “Who came up with this event?” Well the who is surprising. This virtual event was organized by none other than Aria Olson. She is a 19-year old aerospace engineering student, and with the help of 10 other young women created a virtual event that no one can stop talking about.

The event itself was a full 24-hours with 4 different categories that over 800 people participated in. Those who participated also made a donation to the International Medical Corps and shared their looks with the hashtag #HFTMetGala2020. Not only was there a twitter gala…but there was also a #MetGalaChallenge where people could look at and share their favorite past Met Gala looks.


Fashion News: Clare Waight Leaves Givenchy!

Hello Bellah Blog Readers!

There is some big news in the Fashion World and I am here to give you the Tea!

Everyone remembers the royal wedding of 2018, it was a phenomenal and  major event all around the world. We all envied the dress that Meghan Markle wore, and Clare Waight was the one who dressed her.


Now I know you are probably wondering…”Who is Clare Waight Keller? Why is this important?”

Well, she was the artistic director of the brand Givenchy for 3 years. The designs and ideas she brought to the brand and its team were truly revolutionary. Not only did she crate Meghan Markle’s wedding dress, but she also introduced the boy-meets-girl formula which became her signature. On top of that….she also revived couture when she brought the brand Givenchy back to the Haute Couture Runway!


These are all pretty big and awesome accomplishments….but her biggest accomplishment was becoming the first female artistic director of the French Label  Givenchy since it began in 1952 when Hubert de Givenchy founded it.

Clare Keller has stated that she has appreciated the 3 magnificent years she had as the artistic director Givenchy, but since April 10th, 2020 she has left the position of artistic director and left the Givenchy House of Fashion. The Givenchy house has yet to announce who will be taking over this position….all I know is that whoever gets passed this mantel has some pretty big shoes to fill!

We in the fashion world will surely miss Clare Waight Keller and all that she did as part of Givenchy.


Fashion News: Taking Face Masks to a New Level

Hello Bellah Blog Readers!

We here at Bellah hope all of you are staying safe and at home during this pandemic so that we ca all go back to normal soon. Though the COVID19 pandemic has taken the world by surprise, may people are doing their part. While most of us do our part by staying home, many others are helping to contribute medical supplies and face masks to rapidly declining supplies in hospitals and other medical facilities.

While many fashion designers have taken it upon themselves to take their own materials to create hospital masks and gowns to send to their local hospitals, people at home have found new and creative ways to make face masks at home. One mother has come to the realization that taking a bra, cutting it in half, and cutting the strap into two pieces can make a pretty cool and decorative face mask. We advise that if you want to try this out, don’t use your expensive favorite bras.

bra face mask
Designer Christopher Kane has also contributed to the creation of face masks, but for the public. He has put together home kits for making face masks. These kits have past materials recycled from London Fashion Week. Therefor, these at home creation face mask have taken a chic look that even COVID19 can’t fight. By doing this, medical grade masks are being saved for medical professional and it helps the public stop the spread of COVID19. Making it a win-win for a lot of people.

christopher kane face mask

These inivative ways to make masks are just two of the many that are out there. If possible, we ask the public to make masks and leave the medical grade one for the medical facilities and for those who are actually sick! We will all get through this together! Happy Monday Bellah Bloggers! Stay Home and Stay Safe!

Fashion News: A Digital Fashion Week?

Hello Bellah Blog Readers!

Here is something new that is a first in the fashion world. Helsinki Fashion Week will not only be Green but also Digital!

Okay, so I know all of you are like: “Ooo, an online fashion week! Wait…What is Helsinki Fashion Week?”. I thought the same thing, and yours truly did some investigating (thank you internet) and got all the tea.


Helsinki Fashion Week is a Finish fashion week that bring in international and local designers together for a full week of fashion. This years Helsinki Fashion Week will be held in July. 2020 Helsinki Fashion Week will be the 6th one to date.  It centers around sustainable fashion, and this year is no different. This year, due to COVID-19, HFW will also be going cyber, meaning that the fashion show will be cyber.

This year there will be 15 international sustainable designers that have already been selected. During the residency, designers will work together and reuse material to create their collects, and their residency will be filmed and live-streamed by a global broadcasting company. Apparently, the residency will be turned into a interactive game-like process, basically “creating a new co-creative web that enables conscious collaboration and change.”


Helsinki Fashion Week is know for setting new environmental trends that have impacted the fashion industry in a positive way. Now they are doing it again, and we, the rest of the world, can’t wait to see what impact and turn out this years HFW will have.


Fashion News: Paris June Fashion Show Cancellation!

Hello Bellah Blog Readers!


There have been many things happening recently, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic that doesn’t seem to be leaving any time soon. First, I just want to acknowledge all those who have suffered due to this pandemic. Second, I want to recognize all the health care and medical professionals that are working hard to detain and eliminate the COVID-19 threat.

With this going on, it is no surprise that many fashion show and fashion events have been shutting down, cancelling, or rescheduling due to not knowing what the future holds at the moment. Many fashion houses are shut down as well because of social distancing, those that are still operating are trying to help in their own way by creating supplies (like masks and hospital gowns) that are lacking in hospitals and other medical facilities.

One of the biggest and most anticipated shows of the summer is the June Paris fashion, swimwear, and lingerie trade shows. Unfortunately, if you were looking forward to this show be disappointed because it has been cancelled due to COVID-19. Of course we completely understand why, there would be too many people, and with the rapid spread of this virus, no one is sure if it will be over by the time June rolls around. Good news is that those responsible for organizing this event are looking into rescheduling options.

“In the unprecedented global health crisis, three federations representing the apparel, lingerie and swimwear sectors are collectively announcing our decision to cancel or postpone the fashion and lingerie trade shows that were supposed to take place in Paris in June 2020.” –the Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin and the Fédération Française de l’Industrie de Vêtement Masculin and La Federation Maille, Lingerie et Balneaire

One of the options being considered is rescheduling the show for September just to insure that everyone attending or participating in the event would not be at risk or any type of medical danger. Of course, with this being said, Paris Fashion Week that was to be held in June and July is also cancelled. These aren’t the only fashion events of this nature that are cancelled, global fashion shows are also considering cancelling or rescheduling. As we receive more information on the progress of stopping this pandemic and anything fashion related, we will make sure that here at Bellah’s World we keep you, the public, updated.