FASHION NEWS: February 2021

Hello Bellah Blog Readers!

Happy Year of the Ox! Lunar New Years happened this past weekend, and now we are on a new lunar cycle!

It has been a month since 2021 has come into play, and the fashion and events at the beginning of this year has not disappointed all of us citizens of the fashion industry. There are many things that I need to catch you up on before the month of February is over and the month of March begins.

Before we deep dive into the fabulous month of February and the fashion that it aspired and gave to the public….lets talk about ground hog day. I, like most inhabitants of the world, was looking forward to warmer weather and spring time fashion. Unfortunately, the groundhog saw his shadow and cursed us cold-blooded people to suffer 6 more weeks of cold, shivering winter. *cue the eye roll and tears*

Something big that has happened in the world corresponds to one of the top fashion events that we all look forward too every year, New York Fashion Week. The CFDA Chairman, Tom Ford, announced earlier at the beginning of the year that he would no longer be putting out a NYFW Schedule. Instead they have an “American Collections Calendar”, but this is not the only change that our beloved NYFW is and has gone through this year.

NYFW has once again gone completely virtual on account of the still prevalent and spreading Coronavirus. With all the travel bands and rising cases worldwide, and all the health and safety concerns with hosting an event such as this, it just made more sense to keep the event viral with non-famous labels. Those high-fashion brands that normally held reoccurring spots in the annual NYFW shows futures are vague or they are just under wraps.

The CFDA has promised to not only release the schedule for those American Designers and Labels in NYFW, but also where those not in NYFW plan to host shows or appear worldwide. The American Collections Calendar features a handful of shows that will be virtual, starting this Sunday, and designers who will be present in mid-April. Some of the fashion weeks changes that were put into place due to the pandemic have been confirmed to make a permanent appearance in NYFW’s to come.

One of the labels that popped off in 2019 was the Fenty label that was owned by renowned R&B artists and performer Rihanna. After being in production for a little under 2 years, she has decided to close down her fashion label. The lingerie and makeup brand will continue to produce and sell as normal. Her ready-to-wear line has also been put on hold til further notice.

Though we all love Rihanna and Fenty, the truth of the matter is is that the prices for her amazing products were just too steep for the normal, everyday consumer. She promises to try to make the brand more economic, and to focus once again on her music. Though this is sad for all of the Fenty Fashion House lovers out there, just know that we love and support Rihanna’s choice.

Valentine’s Day has come and passed, but this year was probably the most fashionable yet. With everyone being stuck at home, online sites like SHEIN, Romwe, and more had high sales on cute Valentine’s Day lingerie and outfits. People also got creative with their gifts this year as well. From hand made gifts, to cute date ideas, Valentines day definitely got a makeover. Some of the most interesting gifts this year came from the celebrities, for example Michael B. Jordan gifted his girlfriend stocks for the holiday of love.

I do not know how that translates to a romantic gift and to a romantic evening, but hey……if it works than it works. All I know is that I would not know how to react if someone gave me stocks as a gift, no matter what Holiday it was.

Since we got whats happening in the Fashion Industry out of the way, and covered the most Romantic Holiday February has to offer, lets get down to Bellah business. There are many cool things that are about to be happening for Bellah modeling agency.

The first and most important thing that Bellah Modeling Agency staff would like you all to know about is our new location in Charlotte, NC. We now have a facility where we can host classes and other fashion events in this amazing city! If you are a model or an aspiring model in or around the are a of Charlotte, NC please go ahead and register to be a part of our Charlotte branch at

Columbia International Fashion Week, which will be happening in March, has its first model casting call this Saturday, February 20th. Columbia International Fashion Week is a new Fashion Week that will be gracing the world and hopefully blowing other ones out of the water. We have high hopes for this fashion week and can’t wait to see how it turns out for its first year of being established. If you would like to join in on the fun as a model, designer, hair artist, makeup artist, or a volunteer please go to

The other major event that Bellah Modeling Agency has coming up is the Annual Bellah Modeling Agency casting call. This is where BMA gets many of its new talents for the agency, and how you can become part of the agency yourself. This casting call will be happening March 6th! If you would like to be a part of this casting call then go to and register today!

Bellah Affaire Magazine also had some pretty good issues come out. The last issue, which was the January-February, was on the beautiful and talented Naida Rutherford. We also included the Top 10 Influential Woman around the Columbia area, as well as some interesting SPring fashion and fashion related articles. If you, your business, or anyone you know deserves a chance to be in our magazine….please go to and let us know why you should be in our next issue or our featured person/ business.

Last but not least, I would like to talk about the fantastic YouTube channel that Bellah Modeling Agency runs called Bellah Live! Bellah Live is a talk show that interviews business people, community leaders, and fashion icons to share with the world where they got their start in life and tips for the average, everyday people to aspire to be like them. This months special guest are Lisa Hopkins (debuted on Feb. 4), Rashika Cambell (Feb. 28), and Whitney Brown (Feb. 21). If you have a story to share with us, go to and send us a message so that we can interview you as well. Also, don’t forget to follow and subscribe to our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages!

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