Half of the Year is Gone. WELCOME JUNE!!!!!

The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside. June is the gateway to summer. It is better to be a young June-bug than an old bird of paradise. Green was the silence, wet was the light, the month of June trembled like a butterfly.

While it’s been a quiet year for the fashion world, this season has unveiled seriously bold and stylish designs. Large and in-charge blazers, bold blue bags, and sleek face masks dominated Fashion Weeks over the last few weeks.

10 Summer 2021 Fashion Trends That’ll Bring You Immediate Joy

  • Super Strappy Silhouettes. Rowan Top. …
  • Super Strappy Silhouettes. Shiloh Solid Strap Detail Skirt. …
  • Bra Tops. Sugar Satin Soft-Cup Triangle Bra. …
  • Bra Tops. Band Bralette. …
  • Halter Tops. Lulu Top. …
  • Halter Tops. Bash Wrap Halter Bikini Top. …
  • Side Cutouts. …
  • Side Cutouts.

After a year of hibernation, we’ve lost all sense of what casual clothes actually are. 

Given that we’ve been stuck in loungeand sportswear for this long, we thought it would be good to have a little refresher on what makes a fantastic casual outfit, taking cue from content creators (and stylish women) such as Brittany Bathgate and Monikh Dale.

These women, while totally nailing dressing up in Cecilie Bahnsen gownsbold red lips and super high heels, have a particular knack for dressing down, something that is easier said than done. Classic pairings of fisherman sandals and cable knit jumpers are employed by Alexis Foreman, comfy loungewear is a go-to for Abisola Marvel, while Alyssa Coscarelli opts for 1970s jackets and groovy prints, Ellie Delphine pushes the limits of ‘casual’ in short shorts and minis and Stephanie Broek takes minimalism to the extreme in navy, white and black.

While jeans and trainers are obvious contenders for the best casual clothes (for good reason), we don’t think you should be sleeping on roomy shirt dresses, good quality sandals, sturdy bodysuits and chunky knits. While some items work for every budget, we think sometimes these casual staples are worth investing in, to ensure even on your most chill of days, you feel luxe. 

From the right New Balance trainers to nab, to styling tricks that with give life to even the dullest pair of leggings, here are 35 casual outfits to inspire your next trip to the shop.

Meanwhile at Bellah Modeling Agency Fashion…


The Love For FASHION!!!!

The majority of us love fashion, in one way or another. We love the playful new trendsthat we can experiment with every season, the works of art that designers want to encourage us to wear on a regular Thursday, and the excitement of seeing our own personalities in a given dress or specific citrusy hue. While some would like to write off fashion as being something materialistic and vapid, I think it’s something that we create an intense, emotional bond with. It becomes apart of us.

What’s Coming up for June

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