Fashion News: Clare Waight Leaves Givenchy!

Hello Bellah Blog Readers!

There is some big news in the Fashion World and I am here to give you the Tea!

Everyone remembers the royal wedding of 2018, it was a phenomenal and  major event all around the world. We all envied the dress that Meghan Markle wore, and Clare Waight was the one who dressed her.


Now I know you are probably wondering…”Who is Clare Waight Keller? Why is this important?”

Well, she was the artistic director of the brand Givenchy for 3 years. The designs and ideas she brought to the brand and its team were truly revolutionary. Not only did she crate Meghan Markle’s wedding dress, but she also introduced the boy-meets-girl formula which became her signature. On top of that….she also revived couture when she brought the brand Givenchy back to the Haute Couture Runway!


These are all pretty big and awesome accomplishments….but her biggest accomplishment was becoming the first female artistic director of the French Label  Givenchy since it began in 1952 when Hubert de Givenchy founded it.

Clare Keller has stated that she has appreciated the 3 magnificent years she had as the artistic director Givenchy, but since April 10th, 2020 she has left the position of artistic director and left the Givenchy House of Fashion. The Givenchy house has yet to announce who will be taking over this position….all I know is that whoever gets passed this mantel has some pretty big shoes to fill!

We in the fashion world will surely miss Clare Waight Keller and all that she did as part of Givenchy.


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