Fashion News: A Digital Fashion Week?

Hello Bellah Blog Readers!

Here is something new that is a first in the fashion world. Helsinki Fashion Week will not only be Green but also Digital!

Okay, so I know all of you are like: “Ooo, an online fashion week! Wait…What is Helsinki Fashion Week?”. I thought the same thing, and yours truly did some investigating (thank you internet) and got all the tea.


Helsinki Fashion Week is a Finish fashion week that bring in international and local designers together for a full week of fashion. This years Helsinki Fashion Week will be held in July. 2020 Helsinki Fashion Week will be the 6th one to date.  It centers around sustainable fashion, and this year is no different. This year, due to COVID-19, HFW will also be going cyber, meaning that the fashion show will be cyber.

This year there will be 15 international sustainable designers that have already been selected. During the residency, designers will work together and reuse material to create their collects, and their residency will be filmed and live-streamed by a global broadcasting company. Apparently, the residency will be turned into a interactive game-like process, basically “creating a new co-creative web that enables conscious collaboration and change.”


Helsinki Fashion Week is know for setting new environmental trends that have impacted the fashion industry in a positive way. Now they are doing it again, and we, the rest of the world, can’t wait to see what impact and turn out this years HFW will have.


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