“Living Doll”


Fashion has always been about expressing one’s self. Meaning that no matter how you choose to express yourself through you fashion can’t be wrong.

In Japan, one of the most fashionable and recognizable fashion trend is that of dressing like a doll. Know, we all know this type of fashion that I am referring too, it is more poularly known as Lolita fashion.

This fashion is super cute (at least in my opinion). The women  that make this type of their fashion their living are internet famous and super fashionable. They really do look like walking porcelain dolls. But what if someone took it a step further?

That’s exactly what someone did. Their is a new fashion trend in Japan called the “living doll”. As of right now there is only one, and her name is Lulu.

How is Lulu possible? Well it’s quite simple really.

A designer named Hitomi Komaki that was obsessed with dolls. So she made a doll suit. This doll suit is one of a kind at the moment and is super trendy. The model that wears the suit has a doll face, hair, and even doll like tights and arms! She is definitely a new type of Lolita Fashion Model!

She has become the New Tokyo trend. She even has her own social media platform and profiles!


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